Our History

We are a collaborative initiative representing diverse Broomfield entities with a common belief in the power of community to address needs and solve problems. The Broomfield Housing Opportunity Coalition is a partnership of leaders from faith communities, nonprofits, businesses and local government who recognize the need to expand and sustain a broad spectrum of housing that is attainable by all those who call Broomfield home. 

Though Broomfield is seeing a housing boom, especially multi-family housing units, a 2012 report from the Broomfield Community Foundation found there is an urgent need for affordable and transitional housing for low-income, homeless and at-risk residents. As housing prices escalate across the state working families who provide important services to the city – including our teachers, firefighters, police officers, and service industry employees – find it difficult to live where they work. Senior citizens who have built Broomfield and young adults desiring to return to their hometown to raise families have few, if any, affordable housing options within reach. 

The Broomfield Housing Opportunity Coalition was originally formed as the Affordable Housing Taskforce out of a meeting in February 2015 when 44 people came together for an Affordable Housing Community Conversation hosted by pastors and priests of eight Broomfield churches. Participants included leaders from area non-profits, schools, service organizations, government agencies, businesses and churches who all recognized the need for a citywide priority to develop affordable housing. The coalition is made up of leaders from a diverse blend of the original Community Conversation participants who meet regularly, convened by Flatirons Habitat for Humanity.

It will take the involvement of people from all kinds of organizations to create concrete plans for affordable housing for residents who might otherwise not be able to afford to live in Broomfield.