Reaching Out to Local Officials

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written by Sharon Tessier


Currently serving on the Broomfield City Council for Ward 2.  She won her seat in 2013 and is up for re-election in 2017.

Here are some simple and effective ideas that will hopefully inspire you to reach out to your elected officials on any topic.  The first is to exercise the first amendment.  Your voice matters!

The second is to remember your elected officials are everyday people just like you (work full time, are mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters and somebody’s son and daughter).  

The third is chances are you have more in common with them than not…a lot of collaboration can happen when you find the common ground. If you go to officials with a problem, bring a solution, be curious and be prepared to contribute. You are the reason local officials are there in the first place. Bring a postcard or fact-sheet with a few reasons why this is an important topic and how it may impact your community – be sure to use 3rd party evidence-based research. Even though we work for you, we work better with you.  If you start the research, then you jump-start the process. Your approach can make or break a chance at making a difference so be curious, kind and available to dialog.  

Try setting up an appointment to meet with them in person or phone. The quickest way to lose respect in any relationship is to come across as demeaning, demanding and condescending. Think of your role as helping to inform officials in areas where they may not have all the current research or information.

Lastly, in addition to your own ward or district representative, reach out to all of council; chances are you will find a few that may be interested in moving things forward. There is strength in numbers.

To find your elected officials click here.