Getting Creative With the Tithe

Written by Steve Cuss--lead pastor at Discovery Church

The Hebrew Scripture and the Christian Bible share a consistent message that being generous with your resources toward those who have less is a good thing - good for the recipient, but also good for the giver. The most common word to describe this generosity is a ‘tithe’ which just means 10%. People ought to give a portion of what they have back to those in need and this is especially powerful for the giver as it causes us to realize we often have much more to give than we realize. Of course anytime a church leader starts talking giving our blood pressure can rise, but what if it is the church that is doing the giving? 


Several churches in the Front Range, including some in Broomfield have gotten excited about ‘tithing’ what we have to help with affordable and attainable housing. What is most exciting is once we’ve decided to give, all sorts of resources have shown up to help. Discovery Christian Church and Lutheran Church Of Hope are just two of over a dozen churches in the Front Range who looked at their property and said, “we can tithe that.” Discovery is partnering with Habitat for Humanity to provide affordable home ownership. Lutheran Church of Hope is partnering with Lutheran Social Services to provide living assistance to young men and women aging out of the foster care system. 


These efforts are a partnership of church, non profit, professional developers, city government and many many concerned and active citizens. If you are a faith leader or have influence at a place of worship, I encourage you to consider what you have to give. Even half an acre can make a big difference in the lives of people in need. 



                                                      Steve Cuss--lead pastor at Discovery Church in Broomfield