affordable senior housing

Broomfield Seniors Blog

                   John Newcomb, a senior in the Broomfield community, has lived an interesting life.  John was born in Southeast Oklahoma, but after twenty-three years in the Navy he has lived all over the world.  After retiring from the Navy, John felt a calling to work with a very specific population: troubled teenagers.  He worked for over twenty years at various programs that helped to get young adults back on their feet, and John greatly enjoyed this work.

                  Almost ten years ago, John moved to the Broomfield area to be closer to his family.  He originally moved into an apartment complex, but after the rent climbed at an unforeseen rate, John had to leave.  In searching for a new home, John simply wanted to find the nicest place he could afford.  But he soon came to find that Broomfield does not have a large selection of affordable housing options, especially for senior citizens.  John’s response to my question about housing availability in Broomfield sums it up well: “there isn’t any”.