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History of Broomfield Housing

Homestead Era

Expeditions into Colorado

  • 1500s-1700s - Spanish explorer Coronado & later military expeditions
  • 1806 - U.S. military expedition, Zebulon Pike
  • 1820 - U.S. military expedition, Stephen Long
  • 1849 - What is now 287 dubbed the "Cherokee Trail"
  • 1851 - Gold discovered on Ralston Creek in present day Arvada
  • 1851 - The Treaty of Fort Laramie - permanently recognized the right of Plains Indians to a huge swath of land in Colorado and Kansas in return for allowing safe passage to wagon trains headed for California and Oregon
  • 1861 - Colorado becomes a U.S. Territory
  • 1861 - The Treaty of Fort Wise - severely restricted the land designated for the Cheyenne and Arapaho people
  • 1864 - "The Colorado War" breaks out
  • Brief Profile of Arapaho Chief Left Hand (Niwot)…advocate for peace, family intermarried with Americans, spoke a number of languages, joined a wagon train
  • 1864 - Nov. 29, Colorado troops attacked Cheyenne and Arapaho village near Eads, Colo., killing 200. Left Hand killed. Now known as the Sand Creek Massacre. Soon after, the Arapaho and Cheyenne people who made their home at times near Broomfield were relocated --- the Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho to Indian Territory (Oklahoma), the Northern Arapaho to Wyoming, and the Northern Cheyenne to Montana.

Stagecoach era

  • 1864 - Cherokee Trail renamed the Overland Trail, used as stagecoach route, two stops included Church's Station, Rock Creek Station, Horace Greeley himself likely passed along that route.

Settlement era

  • Adolph Zang bought first parcel of land in what is now "Old" Broomfield in 1885, and eventually acquired 4,000 acres. Zang's Spur of the local railroad shipped grain to Zang's Brewery in Denver.
  • More and more farmers and ranchers moved to the area to feed local miners, eventually cars replaced the RR.

Build Out Era

  • 1952 toll road from Denver to Boulder
  • Turnpike Land Co bought land for model community, "first filing," first homes built in 1955, garbage disposal mandatory

City Era

  • 1961 City incorporation
  • Access to enough water always a challenge for local residents, in 70s and 80s issues with Great Western water reserve
  • Broomfield grows via annexation
  • Interlocken, Flatirons, Open space

Consolidation Era

  • 2001 consolidation in part to preserve hometown atmosphere
  • 2010 Population of 56,000 according to U.S. Census

Adapted from Sylvia Pettem’s Broomfield: Changes Through Time, 2001