Heart of Broomfield--Steve Cuss exemplifies quiet leadership

Friends and colleagues of Pastor Steve Cuss describe his unflagging energy, humor and a passion for people and community issues.

“As I’ve worked with Steve, I truly realize what it means to live and breathe one’s values and beliefs,” Anthony Kassel said in his letter nominating Cuss for the Walter P. Spader Leadership Award. “Steve has been a driving force for many significant positive changes to the landscape of Broomfield.”


The boom in Broomfield: City leads state in wages, job growth

As the last days of 2007 slipped away, Denver-based real estate firm McWhinney was closing on the purchase of 1,100 vacant acres at the intersection of I-25 and Colo. Highway 7 in Broomfield. The company outlined its vision for a mixed-use project of immense proportions: corporate headquarters, medical offices, retail, restaurants, hotels and homes would fill the land, purchased for $32.5 million, over the course of two to four decades.

U.S. Census Bureau Releases 2016 American Community Survey

The U.S. Census Bureau released data from the 2016 American Community Survey (ACS) on September 14. According to the data, nearly half (48.3%) of the 43.8 million renter households in the U.S. in 2016 were cost-burdened, spending more than 30% of their income on housing.

Among renter households with annual incomes of less than $20,000, 88.8% were cost-burdened, and among those with annual incomes between $20,000 and $34,999, 75.6% were cost-burdened. Only 6.1% of renter households with annual incomes of $75,000 or more were cost-burdened.


P.I.E. Program through Foothills United Way

Are you interested in receiving $4,000.00 towards starting a new business, secondary education, or first time homeownership? 

Do you want to save and gain financial advice in the process?